OT: DELL SUCKS! Re: PC Gamer, best 50 classic games issue?

From: Ian Koller <vze2mnvr_at_verizon.net>
Date: Thu Jan 10 06:49:30 2002

> Most people would just trash the bad part
> and not bother with returning

Also, unfortunately, in the world as it exists today, there
are some people that would go through this, just to try to
scam an extra free part out of the company. They have to
protect themselves against this.

Eric Dittman wrote:
> > On the other hand, at my last business I had nothing but problems with
> > Dell and their shitty tech "support". I had the same problem others have
> > described--needing them to send a replacement part for defective hardware
> > and being asked to send in the entire unit so that it could be repaired
> > there, otherwise they would want a credit card number to secure the
> > replacement part! What kind of shit is that? Of course, this is after
> > you have to go through all the asinine motions with their support drones
> > that you've already done.
> Okay, let me get this straight. You bought a system without
> onsite warranty, so when they ask you to send the entire
> system in to be repaired (which is the usual business practice
> I've seen from Sony and Compaq, too), you get upset? You then
> ask to get the replacement part sent to you as an advance
> replacement and you don't want to give them a credit card
> number for a deposit (which is the way most vendors handle
> advance replacement), so you get upset at that, too? I find
> it entirely reasonable that Dell ask for a credit card number
> as a deposit to secure the transaction to insure you send the
> faulty part back. Most people would just trash the bad part
> and not bother with returning it once they got the good part
> if there wasn't a financial incentive.
> It sounds like the problem is in not understanding the warranty
> and the difference between on-site and mail-in repair coverage.
> I paid extra for the on-site coverage so I don't have to worry
> about mailing my system in or providing a credit card number as
> a deposit on an advance replacement.
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