Mac IIci

From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Mon Jan 14 00:19:34 2002

> I wish I had some 16meg simms..... I would have put 256megs in my 386
> :-) Yes my 386 had 16 simm slots, and would take more than 32 megs!
> I think I may stop back by Goodwill tomorrow again. If I can get them
> to agree to a decent price I'll go for it.

Well, make sure to look inside. Complain about not having all the simm slots
filled, and that those simms look like 1 meg simms, etc. And be sure to
examine those simm slots carefully, do they have metal tabs on the ends
(if its just plastic, well, those break extremely easy when you're
trying to replace the simms, and possibly someone else has already
broken a few off).

Look at the hard drive carefully, its probably extremely small. Or it
may be a Rodime, which is what the original drives were in the Ci's
we had, and they were SCSI 1 drives and quite slow. I think the hard
drives we had were either 85 Meg Quantums, or 100 meg Rodimes.

Does it come with the cache card installed? Be sure to grumble about
how slow they are without that card...

Good Luck, and remember you can always buy one on ebay. I see one
on there for $10 with cache card monitor and such, and noone is

-Lawrence LeMay
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