Mac IIci

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Sun Jan 13 23:18:48 2002

I wish I had some 16meg simms..... I would have put 256megs in my 386
:-) Yes my 386 had 16 simm slots, and would take more than 32 megs!

I think I may stop back by Goodwill tomorrow again. If I can get them
to agree to a decent price I'll go for it.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Chris wrote:
> >Can I use my 9 pin parity simms from my old 386? The parity bits are
> >just ignored right? If so, then I can drop 32megs into it.
> I just scanned apple's TIL, and it looks as though Parity chips are ok on
> the IIci. I base this off an article discussing the fact that it needs
> FPM memory 80ns or faster (the article indicates that pretty much all 30
> pin chips 80ns or faster will be FPM). It lists a few part numbers for
> ram upgrades offered by apple... two of them are Parity chip packages. So
> if apple is telling you that those are available as upgrades for the
> IIci, I have to assume parity memory will be just fine.
> And the IIci will handle a max of 128mb (8 - 16mb chips). You must
> install RAM in groups of 4 however (and I am fairly sure all ram in a
> grouped bank must be the same type, so either all parity, or all non
> parity)
> -chris
> <>
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