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From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Tue Jan 15 00:05:42 2002

> I've heard the following, to add to that list:
> Pentium/Pentium II -- PowerPC
> Pentium III -- PowerPC G3
> Pentium IV -- PowerPC G4

Iffy comparison, especially since the P4 really isn't all that great compared
to its predecessor, while the G4 if given AltiVec code can run rings around
its ancestor. I'd say suitably prompted "even a G3" could compete well with
all but the fastest x86s.

Also, the G1 and G2 PPCs were a mixed bag with regard to relative strengths
and merits ... and weaknesses. Apple's strange and sometimes stupid designs
didn't help (look at the 6200 series Power Macs). They are a very difficult
set of processors to pigeonhole or compare, even amongst each other.

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