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From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Tue Jan 15 00:26:36 2002

> Some wrote:
> >Yes, and the 80186 -- 68010.
> >Both existed but were not popular in many systems. Both
> >equally quite rare in that regard.

Eh? Rare? Not from what I've seen. Quite a few of the old Sun
workstations used the 68010 as the CPU, for example, and I've seen
80186 chips used as CPUs used in many devices (not necessarily
computers per se, but used in various computer boards and terminal
servers, etc.). Of course, perhaps we should just let the chip
collectors think that they're rare, and perhaps they'll just be
content with collecting a few of them and leaving the rest alone to
function in working equipment. :-)

Funny thought... how do you suppose the chip collectors feel if IC pin
collectors and IC insides collectors (people who might collect chips
to take them apart so as to display the innards with the cases
discarded) began to appear and start paying more for chips than
they were paying? Not that I like these ideas either.

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