Osborne Executive and TI MicroLaser Plus free to good home, Hackensack, NJ

From: Chris <mythtech_at_Mac.com>
Date: Wed Jan 23 11:06:51 2002

>I have Paul's email address and telephone number. If you can meet the
>requirements of
>Paul's reply (i.e. 1. STOP BY HOUSE, 2. PICK UP (HACKENSACK, NJ AREA))
>please contact me
>off-list and I will forward his contact details to you.

First, its Hackettstown, not Hackensack (at least that is where he told
ME he was... if it was Hackensack, I would have picked it up the night he
emailed me, being that Hackensack is 15 minutes from me... Hackettstown
is 60 minutes)

Second: I already told Paul I would be happy to pick it up. Then he
offered to drop it off at my place when he went to CT on Friday. I told
him that would be fine, but not to make a special trip (I can't figure a
way to get to me that is a route to CT without taking a good 30 minute

I guess I will re-email him, and clairfy that I am happy to drive to him
to pick it up.


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