Apple II boards

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Jan 24 09:09:26 2002

If they're popular enough in .fi, perhaps we can save a few landfills from
them by sending 'em to interested parties there.

An Apple IIe is not uncommonly priced at $5 around here (I just bought one
that had a couple of drives bundled with it for $8, though all I wanted was
the PSU) . A IIc is not uncommon at that price either. It's been a while
since I saw more than one ][+ in the same store, but those seldom cost more
than $10, and usually closer to $5. I would estimate that the freight would
exceed that amount by quite a little bit. Disk drives are often together with
these units, though that propels their cost into the $10-$12 range.

I can't recommend Apple Monitors, since those were really not available in the
Apple ][+ era. I've got an Apple IIe with a color monitor. The monitor ran
the price of the whole thing up to $20. The extra weight would probably run
the shipping cost to .fi into the ruinous range.


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> Lawrence LeMay said:
> >
> > Cmon, what could possibly be less valuable than an Apple ][+? A C64
> > perhaps...
> Well, depends on the place. I've seen one Cray 1 in a private collection,
> one IBM 360 (in the same place) and one Apple II.
> It's a different thing for C64's though. But older Apples are really
> hard to find over here (in .fi)
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> jht
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