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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sat Jan 26 23:45:58 2002

 I similarly have an great affection for the Atari ST. The OS was all in ram and
despite all the criticisms of TOS and the underlying GEM , it was a pretty
remarkable system for it's time. Just too bad it had the 4meg limitation and
that the Tramiels were in charge.


> >never used a file sytem but just wrote directly to the disk. Now days
> >1 Meg will not even boot a OS.:(
> That's one of the reasons I always liked the Amiga's OS.
> Granted, it didn't have all the latest bells and whistles that the
> Windows and Mac have, or some of the stuff that more mature OS's had,
> such as VMS and Unix, but for it's footprint size it was quite full
> featured, especially considering the GUI and the way it intereacted
> with the underlying kernel. The Amiga OS on a fast 68060 CPU is
> still quite a capable 'Net machine with much less RAM and a fraction
> of the clockspeed of current machines.
> Jeff
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