Nuclear Data 66?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Jan 31 07:50:56 2002

--- Andreas Freiherr <> wrote:
> > The coolest part about it is that it seems to be LSI/11 compatible. At
> > least it has a DEC bus (whatever the bus is called that had quad
> > slot connectors).
> QBus or Q-bus or Q-Bus ...

You say "to-mah-to", I say "to-may-to". Let's call the whole thing off...
> Fits together: Qbus is the standard bus for LSI/11s. CPU types take the
> form of 11/x3, and options usually end with a V (e.g. DLV-11/E), though
> this is not true for the more "modern" ones, such as the DELQA. I doubt,
> however, that you'll find this option there - it's an Ethernet card! ;-)

Network stuff was funny - you have the DEQNA, the DELQA and the DESQA,
IIRC (well... _you_ just may have... _I_ only have one DEQNA). Then
there's the SDI interface - KDA-50, and the later comm interfaces...

But, it's true... for the older cards, there's a V in the name (DLV11J,
RLV11, RLV12, MSV11, RXV21, RKV11...)

> There was a variant of the VT100 that had a LSI/11 built in. Apparently,
> DEC weren't the only ones to make something like this.

Strangely enough... it's the VT103! Had optional dual drive TU58 mounted
under monitor (got one, gotta replace the rollers with tygon tubing).
I always wanted to put a UNIX-based machine in mine back in the old days.
Not as important a project these days (re: other thread about Small UNIX

I haven't been so lucky to run across some of the third-party DEC stuff.
Most of my Qbus collection is straight DEC. One card I have that I wish
I could find docs on, looks like a Systems Industries(?) CS-1 SCSI card.
It does not live at any of the usual MSCP-interface addresses. Beyond
that, I suspect it's a tape-only interface, so perhaps I didn't look
where a TMSCP device lives.


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