And, the insanity continues

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Tue Jul 2 08:20:42 2002

>I always wondered about lenny15 and where he gets his stuff...He has
>some really neat (and sometimes rare) Apple items for sale
>consistently...he also commands some premium pricing! (and gets it) :-(
>He seems like a nice enough guy...he helped me out with a couple of
>questions on my Lisa 2/10.

        I've had mixed results with dealing with him. I've bought a
couple of things from him but when I was looking for a CPU board with
original Lisa boot and videostate ROMs he would never give a definate
answer or close the deal. The things I did get from him worked out
good though and were in nice shape. I've always thought the
LisaVision kits he was selling looked interesting.

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