Free: Sony NEWS workstation (Austin, TX)

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Date: Sun Jul 7 01:35:14 2002

Will you be around tomorrow. Do you still have the Sun2? I'll pick up both the Sun2 and
the Sony if they are both available. Hopefully this time we'll connect.


On 7 Jul 2002 at 1:17, Bill Bradford wrote:

> I've got a Sony NEWS workstation (keyboard, system unit, and
> external SCSI tape drive) free for pickup in Austin, TX.
> Its a NWS-841. I no longer have the monitor for the unit (has a 3W3
> connector on the back; monitor was a GDM-1962B-style), but I do have
> the keyboard (in original box, no mouse) and external tape drive
> (uses a Centronics-style SCSI-I cable). Has a floppy drive (with yellow
> plastic drive protector) and even still has the red "caps" covering some of
> the I/O ports in back. It looks very unused, but its been years since I tried
> to power it up; I dont even remember anymore where I got it from.
> Best specs I've been able to find on it:
> " There was a short blurb about the new Sony workstations in
> INFOWORLD (Feb 1, 1988 page 3, "AT DEADLINE").
> ...Internally called the "Sun Killer," the NWS-841 will sport
> two 16-MHz 68020 microprocessors, a 68881 math coprocessor, 8M of RAM,
> a 286- MB floppy drive, six I/O ports, including an EtherNET
> interface, one rep. said. The machine will sell for about $19,900.
> Supported software will include BSD4.2, NFS, and X. "
> Anyway, if anybody is interested, let me know. I'd like to get this
> out of the way, but dont want to scrap it. It just must go to a good
> home.
> Bill
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> Bill Bradford
> Austin, TX
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