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From: Dave Brown <>
Date: Wed Jul 17 05:54:00 2002

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From: "Pete Turnbull" <>
> I remember when I was a teenager and started fixing old tellys, that many
> of them had a flat laminated glass sheet, about 1/4" thick, in front of a
> plain CRT.

Exactly what I had in mind as an alternative. The 9845 screen surround lends
itself to doing that very easily and 'elegantly' as it projects forward
about an inch or so- all the way round.

 Reminds me of the first TV I ever had-- an old Ekco (darned if I know how
that fine product of the UK got to NZ-'twas a 'modified' dual std beast --
405 and 625 line stds- for the usa readers) It had a 1/4 inch plate glass
separate screen about an inch out front of the tube face. Several NZ TV set
manufacturers had the same arrangement in the early years.

 That Ekco had horrible series filament tubes types in it- real oddball
ones- One night the picture started to get smaller and brighter-- finally
disappeared with a mild band about three days later so I went out and got a
replacement- but it lasted several years-- what a dog!!! But it was cheap at
the time.
 Dave B, NZ
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