Synertek 6502 chips, 1984 date-code

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Tue Jul 30 02:22:00 2002

"Ross Archer" <> said:
> I have some Synertek NMOS 6502s from various weeks
> in 1984, still in their (original?) Synertek static tubes.
> (At least, "Synertek" is stamped on the tubes.)
Ooh! That'll be good to up the value on Ebay a few dollars... Let's see...
L_at__at_K!!!!! R_at_RE!!! SYNERTeK Sy6502 ***IN MANUFACTURERS PAKAGING*** ***NR***
:-) :-) :-)

> A few "boy are these stupid" questions:
> 1. Does anyone have any cool Synertek lore they'd like to
> share with the group? All I know about them is they made
> the SYM-1 and were a 6530 second-source. I guess it's safe
> to conclude they were also a 6502 second-source. :)
I think I've got some e-mails from a guy who used to work for them. From
memory, Synertek were a Honeywell subsidiary who signed a license with MOS
Technology to second-source the 6502. MOS used the part numbers "MCS6502"
and "MPS6502", Synertek used "SY6502".
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