Symbolics transport (was: Re: Getting Unix to run on a PDP-11 /34)

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Mon Mar 4 20:30:21 2002

> I do OK with a '78 Chrysler LeBaron wagon. It has been known to
> accomodate 3 IBM 7013-5xx desksides, a Sun 3/260, 2 6091-19 displays and
> a MicroTerm 425 all at once. Of course, I also needed a periscope to
> see over the hood going home.

I have a three year old Grand Caravan, and other than the door catch, it
is quite nice for moving racks around. Two DEC 6 footers fit nicely. I
once managed to cram two KS10s in it at one time.

The real hauler is a simple (but not cheapie) flatbed trailer and a
hitch. Most cars can tow at least 1500 pounds, so if you get (or rent) a
nice flatbed, you can get 800-odd pounds off your rear axle with even a
medium sedan.

William Donzelli
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