OpenSTEP for VMS

From: Jarkko Teppo <>
Date: Wed Mar 6 12:23:58 2002

Dan Wright said:
> Jarkko Teppo said:
>> I just finished installing NS 3.3 on a HP 715/100. It's extremely
>> fast compared to a 68040_at_25MHz.
> Really? Where might one be able to get this? I'm interested in trying
> it out...

Well, that depends :-). Anyway, it was a *bit* picky about the hardware, it
didn't like HIL at all (at least not on the installation phase) but I didn't
bother to look for a workaround as I had a few HP PS2 keyboards/mice lying

Otherwise the installation was easy, even sound worked + the usual gizmos.
I even found Doom compiled as NIHS (Next, Intel, HP-PA, Sparc) and an extra
bonus was Cub-X which is now available for free!

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