MicroVAX-II questions

From: Dave McGuire <mcguire_at_neurotica.com>
Date: Fri Mar 8 04:52:51 2002

On March 8, Doc Shipley wrote:
> Just got home with my brand-spanking-old MVII and set about playing
> with it. It's indecently clean inside, cables all in good shape, fans
> all free and clean, cards well seated.

  Sounds like a girl I once knew.

> I even managed to get them all back in properly, in order, and the
> cables connected right.

  This too.

> This means I would, if I had the distribution hardware for the DHQ11s,
> have 25 serial interfaces? (plus console) What exactly is the DMV11?
> "Synchronous communications controller" sounds like it requires a DMV11
> on the other end as well.

  It's a sync serial interface...you'd connect it to a CSU/DSU and a
leased line, or something similar.

> Everything VMS I've looked at says the DEQNA is unsupported in VMS
> >v5.2. Is that unsupported as in "don't call DEC/Compaq/HP", or
> unsupported as in "it don't work"? Am I stuck with NetBSD then? Does
> anyone know if NBSD will mop-boot over the DEQNA? I don't have VMS
> older than 6.2.

  DELQAs are fairly easy to come by. If you want one and can't find
one immediately, email me.

> Anybody have 2 breakout boxes for the M3107, and no M3107? We could
> equalize.... For that matter, if anybody needs the card, I'll just
> share.

  I might have one of these, I will check. Email me if you don't hear
back about this by the end of the weekend.

> You know you're over the edge when the lack of ethernet access in your
> garage is a problem.

  Nah...that's just a *start*.


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