OT Mitsubishi Monitor Weirdness

From: Jochen Kunz <jkunz_at_unixag-kl.fh-kl.de>
Date: Fri Mar 8 06:16:29 2002

On Fri, Mar 08, 2002 at 04:48:06AM -0500, Julius Sridhar wrote:

> I forgot to mention that it displays fine with separate sync on the BNC
> inputs, and separate sync on the HDE15 input. I have yet to test whether
> Sync-on-green works on the HDE-15. Does that change your advice at all?
It may be a similar problem like my CTX has. The manual says it
can do SOG. But when I first connected a SOG signal, nothing. I had to
build a sync separator to get things going. Later I discovered that
SOG works, but only with a high green level all over the screen.
(e.g. white ground and black characters) My fist attempt was with
the boot prompt of a HP Apollo 433t => black ground and white
characters => no high green level => no sync. So this is the guilty
of a poor designed sync separator in the monitor.

Blame the monitor manufacturer.
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