Thinning the heard

From: Ben Franchuk <>
Date: Fri Mar 8 08:49:31 2002

"Jeffrey S. Sharp" wrote:
> > I can't say that I completely agree,,, Some people have jobs that don't
> > permit them to check their email more often,
> There are also the best argument and lottery systems. Those options are
> out there and have been used before. Mr. MacCorkle's request, I dare say,
> is objectionable and would be unfair.

I think the best idea is to put a closing date on lists of items, this
both the seller and buyer have a idea of the time factor and slower
can catch up. Anyhow the seller not the buyer has the final say in who
the product. With some of the more valueable old equiment it is
that it goes to a good home not the first bidder.

PS. Does anybody know of a source of datasheets (PDF) online for the the
really old chips like RTL,DTL,74Hxx,74Lxx? You still can find the chips
but not the data.
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