Thinning the heard

From: Dan Wright <>
Date: Fri Mar 8 10:29:32 2002

how about this: whoever's giving away the equipment can do it in whatever way
they damn well please? it's their stuff, after all... sheesh.

Ben Franchuk said:
> "Jeffrey S. Sharp" wrote:
> > > I can't say that I completely agree,,, Some people have jobs that don't
> > > permit them to check their email more often,
> >
> > There are also the best argument and lottery systems. Those options are
> > out there and have been used before. Mr. MacCorkle's request, I dare say,
> > is objectionable and would be unfair.
> I think the best idea is to put a closing date on lists of items, this
> way
> both the seller and buyer have a idea of the time factor and slower
> mails
> can catch up. Anyhow the seller not the buyer has the final say in who
> gets
> the product. With some of the more valueable old equiment it is
> important
> that it goes to a good home not the first bidder.
> PS. Does anybody know of a source of datasheets (PDF) online for the the
> really old chips like RTL,DTL,74Hxx,74Lxx? You still can find the chips
> but not the data.
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