ID these TRW ICs

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Mar 11 07:34:01 2002

  Does anyone have a good way to identify ICs made by TRW? I've searched
the net and found almost nothing. I'd like to id the LSICs shown in this
picture <>. The smaller ones are
marked TRW 8429/AC 1016J5C8 and the bigger one is marked TRW TD1007J1.
The big one is very impressive looking (the pictures don't do it justice).
Not only due to it's size but it also has gold leads and a black anodized
heatsink with gold lettering epoxied(?) to the top of it and it just looks
impressive. These are on a Multibus card that was part of the same system
that had the Geometric Array Processors. I think this may have been part of
the I/O subsystem that passed data to and from the GAPP.

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