Top collectable machines

From: Rich Beaudry <>
Date: Mon Mar 11 14:27:24 2002

>Out of curiosity, how many here care whether or not the machines they
>collect are considered "collectable" or "top collectable?" Isn't the
>point of collecting these machines to have fun toys to play with?
>Collecting was more fun, and the machines were easier to find, when
>nearly everyone considered them worthless a decade or so ago.

As many other have said here, I try to hang on to only those machines that I
can put to use. One exception would be the various SBCs I own, but you
could argue that they are useful for learning about the procerssor they

Also, like others, nobody is really impressed by my collection. I don't do
it for them, I do it for me....

My "lab" is in the finished basement of our new-to-us house (and leaking
into the garage). The previous owners left brown shag rug and paneling, so
it has that nice '70's look, to match the computers! :-) One friend of my
wife, whose husband works for the government, remarked upon coming down the
stairs and seeing my stuff scattered about: "This looks like one of those
places my husband goes into where the bust the guy for having all his kiddie
porn stashed on his computers". She laughed, I didn't... :-(

Rich B.

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