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Date: Mon Mar 11 08:57:40 2002

I saw one box of software that supposedly allowed interconnections with
ordinary PC's. I also saw some materials that suggested there was a SCSI
bus on at least one machine. One was running, the ogher considered a
parts source. there was some sort of SMD type drive, but it had had a
head crash and wasn't in use.

On Sun, 10 Mar 2002, James B. DiGriz wrote:

> Merle K. Peirce wrote:
> > I think they are both variations of the 990/12. One may be a model 8. I
> > think one is a 13 slot chassis, the other a 17.
> >
> I have a /10 in a 13 slot chassis. ~512K installed, several more 192 and
> 256K MEM A boards, and controllers for DS10 and DS50 drives, 911 VDT's
> (have 3 terminals), COMM, EIA, CI402, Some are spares, plus I have 202
> modems, assorted extra cables, etc, so if you run across anything you
> need but don't have, give me a holler. I may have it.
> The drives and cartridges need a lot of work before I even think about
> trying to spin them up. Unfortunately they haven't been stored in the
> best of conditions. I'm not set up to do that myself, yet, and the only
> man I know hereabouts with the know-how and tools to clean, refurbish,
> test and align old SMD drives and disk packs isn't ready to get into
> restoring old gear just yet.
> In the meantime, I'm looking at the boot ROM source from Kossow's site
> for ways to hack in from a PC or maybe the 990/1 I have. Need to find an
> FD800/1000 or other SA800 series floppy subsytem for the latter, though.
> And software. Or I might dump the boot ROM on it and write/port some, at
> least a monitor/assembler/linker/loader. I'm going to be doing some
> 99xx(x) assembly here anyway.
> By all means please keep us posted on the progress. I'd be interested in
> knowing what software you got with the 990's, too.
> Thanks,
> jbdigriz

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