Interesting places in Chicago area?

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Tue Mar 12 17:07:52 2002

Not sure of computer or salvage places since I haven't lived there since '76
(I was born and raised in Chi-town though) but for recreation on an
inquisitive or "nred" scale you might take a full day at the Museum of
Science and Industry around 55th and Michigan Ave (south side but on the
lake). Their full directions and info are on the web at

My sister saw the "networld" exhibit and (although she's a commoner) she
though it was very interesting and informative. Some exhibits will always be
part of the museum, like the U-505 sub, the coal mine, chick hatchery,
yesterday's main street, etc - some are there but get a regular updating to
keep them current. They used to have one hell of a model train layout in the
lobby - not sure if it's still there or not.

Just a little insight to entertainment & educational things in case you zero
out on old iron sources.

Holy crap - just looked at the site and under "human body slices" I saw a
pictue in BW of ME and my ex...that has to be from around 1979, the last
time I was at MSI...Weird to see that too. I'll have to send a link to my ex
and let her have a good laugh.

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