NetBSD Boot tape for MVII

From: Doc <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 11:47:38 2002

On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Allison wrote:

> Ok, Check fuses, there are two if memory serves, one on patch pannel
> cable to the board (a visible fuse holder!), the other is on the board.
> Even a dead board will power the AUI though that's about all.

  Already checked the fuse on the patch panel, but I missed the one on
the board. I'll look at that next. I also have an orphan cable &
bulkhead set, that I was gonna try.

> FYI: there is a lineup for what order the DEQNA(DELQA) and TK50
> controllers must go on the bus relative to the other IO cards.

  I'm assuming that Hamster's QBus tutorial is correct? I'm going by

slot 1: CPU
slot 2: RAM
Slot 3: RAM
Slot 4: DEQNA top, baffle (black board, no traces at all) bottom
Slot 5: TQK50 top, RQDX3 bottom.

> The Drive in the -GA will be the same as the one in the MV so you
> can swap it in. Do make sure the TK50 controller has the dip switches
> set right as some were easily bumped on install.

  OK. I did find the TQK50 docs too. But so far, I can't even boot
from tape on the VS4000, where it was made. I think either the boot.fs
doesn't support the VAXstation, or I'm missing something critical.

> MVII has a very limited console boot and diagnostic compared to later
> models so it's not very talkative.

  I had noticed that, yes... :)

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