NetBSD Boot tape for MVII

From: Allison <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 10:54:46 2002

From: Doc Shipley <>

> I think the DEQNA board is dead, even before I started moving things

Not unlikely.

>around on the QBus. (Yes, there'll be Yet Another "Broke My QBus" Post)
>I haven't ever been able to get it even to light up the AUI terminator.

Ok, Check fuses, there are two if memory serves, one on patch pannel
cable to the board (a visible fuse holder!), the other is on the board.
Even a dead board will power the AUI though that's about all.

FYI: there is a lineup for what order the DEQNA(DELQA) and TK50
controllers must go on the bus relative to the other IO cards.

> I have NetBSD running on the VS4000/60 and a TK50Z-GA that works. I
>can tar to /dev/rst0 and then retrieve the archive all day long. When
>my boot tape wouldn't boot on the MV, I wondered if its TK50 is toast,
>so I've been trying to boot the 4000 to test the tape.
> All the sources say to:

The Drive in the -GA will be the same as the one in the MV so you
can swap it in. Do make sure the TK50 controller has the dip switches
set right as some were easily bumped on install.

> Trying it on the MVII gets essentially the same results. No
>meaningful error message, just the HALT instruction.

MVII has a very limited console boot and diagnostic compared to later
models so it's not very talkative.

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