NetBSD Boot tape for MVII

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 13:03:33 2002

--- Doc <> wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Ethan Dicks wrote:
> > ...Is slot 4 a Q22/Q22 slot or a Q22/CD slot?
> It's _supposed_ to be a CD slot. It's aBA123 box, The docs say 4
> Q22/CD and 8 Q22/Q22, and if you look very carefully, there's a line
> silkscreened between slots 4 & 5 on the cage. Putting the grant card
> instead of the baffle breaks everything....

Well there you go... I wasn't sure that you had a BA123 (I had _thought_
so, but I wasn't sure). Nice of them to put a little line in there.

I'm sure that a grant card could freak things out. Some of the quad
cards I have (MSV11P?) let you jumper or unjumper the left side, to
let you stick them in either kind of slot.


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