Free: older hardware, mainly PC

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 13:56:41 2002

--- Chad Fernandez <> wrote:
> The uart chips in this board are socketed, which makes them very easily
> replaceable.
> Tony Duell wrote:
> > ...I am just wondering what a non-replaceable 16450 chip is...
> >
> > -tony

Awww... who needs sockets? With a long enough flat-bladed screwdriver,
they just pop right out of the board, don't they? If not, solid
whack with a 16 lb sledge can loosen them right up. For the most
stubborn chips, though, I recommend a quick dip in molten iron...


P.S. for the humor impared -> :-)

P.P.S. solder shouldn't be a barrier to repair, but some stuff is
much easier than others. I dislike removing pins attached to
ground and power planes - sometimes it takes longer to free one of
those pins than the other 18 on the chip combined. Someone with
less experience might easily damage the pads or the PCB itself
trying to heat things up enough to be removed. As with most things,
though, good tools and practice on replaceable items is essential
before tackling tough jobs. I can see how people can be intimidated
by a job that starts with firing up the iron.

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