Free: older hardware, mainly PC

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Mar 13 15:29:52 2002

At 11:56 AM 3/13/02 -0800, Ethan wrote:
>P.P.S. solder shouldn't be a barrier to repair, but some stuff is
>much easier than others. I dislike removing pins attached to
>ground and power planes - sometimes it takes longer to free one of
>those pins than the other 18 on the chip combined. Someone with
>less experience might easily damage the pads or the PCB itself
>trying to heat things up enough to be removed. As with most things,
>though, good tools and practice on replaceable items is essential
>before tackling tough jobs. I can see how people can be intimidated
>by a job that starts with firing up the iron.

   If you want be able to repair stuff, a decent temperature controlled
iron it the best investment that you'll ever make!

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