Netscape Mail, was Re: HTML in EMAIL

From: Bryan Pope <>
Date: Thu Mar 14 13:25:26 2002

And thusly Fred Cisin spake:
> On Thu, 14 Mar 2002, Allison wrote:
> > lessee,
> > I use OutlookExpress at times, with the right settings it's pretty solid
> > and can be made virus proof! Hint, disable VBSscripting! Why anyone
> > would link a programming language to email is beyond me. Disabling
> > COMx and ActiveX controls is easy enough. There is no excuse for
> > HTML unless someone set a system profile removing those controls
> > from reach, in that case us you own system not the companies.
> > Propagating bugs like Loveletter is an example of user ignorance.
> User education could be improved.
> I talked to somebody who thought that she would be safe because she always
> checked everything in the "preview pane" to see if it would be OK
> (thinking that it was like a peephole in a front door?)
> "Social engineering" is still a primary problem. Twice I have received
> e-mail that purported to be from Microsoft with a 170K attachment
> (Q216309.EXE). It said to run that to patch security holes. yeah,
> right. MICROS~1 does NOT mail unsolicited security patches.
> Is there any reason why I should switch away from PINE on a TELNET
> session?

There is no reason to switch from pine, but there is a very good reason to
switch from telnet to ssh. With telnet your entire session and password is
sent as clear text. Using at least version 1 of ssh is a *very* good thing.
And using scp instead of ftp is also a very good thing, for the same reason.


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