DSQD Drives (Was: RE: Diags/Boot image for Altos 580)

From: Fred Cisin <cisin_at_xenosoft.com>
Date: Mon Mar 18 12:32:24 2002

On Sun, 17 Mar 2002, Doc wrote:
> > Which bits in particular are you having problems with? Much of this
> > doesn't matter for your problem (because by your good luck everything is
> > compatible), but you might want to understand it all anyway.
> Why it was germane to the issue at hand? I understand, at least
> generally, the mechanics and relative formats of the drives and disks
> involved, but the ongoing discussion was getting me to think there were
> issues that I was completely missing.

Much of the discussion centered around issues that turned out to not be
relevant, such as whether the ALtos was MFM v GCR (MFM), sector size (you
got lucky with 512), sectors per track (you got lucky with 9), and what
kinds of problems COULD occur with writing 720K in a 1.2M.

> I must admit I got no clue what an "Oerstedt" is.

The unit used for measuring coercivity (LOOSELY: magnetic sensitivity of
the disk).
> Or why I need to know....
just part of the explanation of WHY to use 360K v 1.2M blanks.

> Kewl. I'm gonna have one someday. A TRS-80, that is.
Mine are all gone. It HURT to part with them.

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