TRS80 Model 1 question

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Mon Mar 18 13:00:06 2002

On Mon, 18 Mar 2002, Jeff Hellige wrote:
> A nice twisting chain of events. Not included in the above
> chain are also:
> - DOSPlus (Micro-System Software)
> - DoubleDOS (Percom)
> - MultiDOS (Cosmopolitan)
> - UltraDOS (Level IV Products)

        - MicroDOS (Micropolis - completely unrelated to TRS-DOS)

As long as we're including ones that were not explicitly inline in the
TRS-DOS geneology, there were also a bunch of CP/M mods:
        - FMG? (relocated)
        - Omicron (with 8" support)
        - Parasitic Engineering (with 8" support, by Howard Fullmer (later
chief engineer at Morrow))
and model 3 CP/Ms, such as Hurricane Labs and Montezuma Micro (Ron Jones
was quite a character - remember the media flap about his having "John,
eat shit and die" written in a lot of his blank sectors?)

And then Radio Shack came out with the model 4 which could properly
support CP/M and had CP/M-Plus (aka CP/M version 4)
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