Keyboard conversions

From: Paul Braun <>
Date: Tue Mar 19 23:37:51 2002

I remember back in the day this was a relatively popular hack, but
it required a converter box since the electronics in an Amiga
keyboard aren't the same as those of a PC. I think a couple of the
Amiga magazines had articles on how to do it, and there were a
couple of commercial adapter boxes available.

> With all this talk about making a LK201 work on a PC or vice versa -
> and this moderately-broken Amiga keyboard I have laying around - I was
> wondering if anyone could give me some info so I design/build an
> adaptor to make a PC (perhaps mac or some other KB) work with an
> Amiga? With the lack of a surplus of Amiga kb's on the eBay market, I
> was thinking it might be a worthwhile hack.
> Mostly I guess I just want a source of info about the Amiga keyboard
> (this is for an A2000 btw) so I could think about how I might design
> it.
> Thanks
> -- Pat

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