trivial KIM question

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Mar 20 06:43:56 2002

> When I received my VIM-1 it included the 'MCS6500
> Microcoputer Hardware Manual', first edition, dated August 1975. It
> has a blue cover with white text. With the KIM-1 I just picked up I
> received the same manual, 2nd edition, dated January 1976 and it has
> a white cover with blue text. So far, other than some modifications
> to a few drawings and diagrams, I've found little difference between
> the two. Is there a signifigance to the color change to the cover?

No, they just changed the color twice. I have no Idea why.
The first edition Covers are Blue with a marble like texture
and white Letters. The Second edition was plain white with
blue Lettersx, all while later issues where blue (on 'bumpy'
cardboard paper) with white letters. AFAIK all later blue
ones belong to the Commodore age.


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