What's Need to Connect TS05 to PDP 11/23

From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Wed Mar 20 09:07:27 2002

> Douglas Quebbeman wrote:
> >
> > I know there is going to be a catch to this...
> >
> > But which interface card will I need to add a TS05
> > (Cipher streamer 9-track drive) to a PDP-11/23?
> Why a catch? - The 11/23 has a low-order digit of three, which
> identifies it as a Q-bus machine. So you need a subsystem called TSV05
> (as opposed to the UNIBUS TSU05), and the controller is M7196. Takes
> 6.5A _at_ 5V, counts as 3 AC / 1 DC loads on the logic lines.

Why would I suspect a catch? From the conversations I follow
here regarding PDP-11s, it always seems to "depend"...

You should know this: I have *never* *ever* used a PDP-11.
I did use a DEC-10 extensively (including a little MACRO-10)
and a Harris 1200 (PDP-8 clone).
> > Like "which version of the 11/23", and there's an
> > 11/23+ too, isn't there?
> Right, but shouldn't matter for this purpose. Sure, the TSV05 is a DMA
> controller, so the number of address lines in the system is a concern,
> but, the /23 has at least 18 address bits, and that should do. (See the
> addresses from the manual: these show 6 octal digits = 18 bits!)
> Ah, well, there is an "extended features switch" (pack at E58, position
> 9). This switch must be "on" for 22-bit addressing (and for streaming in
> 100ips mode, IIRC). Maybe this is the catch you're looking for?
> I have not yet installed mine, however... - will be in a /23-PLUS.
> Currently, I only have a TSU05 available (and am still looking for the
> switch desingations...).

Ok, so I need to locate a TSV05 if the box by some chance doesn't
already have one (not in my posession yet).

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