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From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Mar 20 11:49:17 2002

--- Jay West <> wrote:
> 1) Ok, here are the two things I was considering doing to change the
> mailing
> list settings....
> A) Reject posts to the list which contain any kind of HTML content.

In theory, I support this, but if it's possible to filter them down
to their textual content on the way through, that might be good, also.
I know that some people (very few) have technological impediments that
force them into HTML (Outlook, etc., I think).

One thing that might be nice, given my own recent battles with spam,
is to search for certain constructions in HTML messages and give them
"extra attention" - I've seen some spam go by with XBODY/BODY, not
BODY/BODY tags, for example. It seems to mess with my ability to
forward the contents to spamcop and the FTC. I have to view source
and cut and paste. :-P Also, I've seen this use of "_blank" in
the first tag of the message that also goes hand-in-hand with messages
that confuse my browser when I want to do anything other than view
the message. I don't think these are simple clever tricks; from what
I've seen in the way they are treated by my browser, they are intentional
abuses of loopholes in HTML implementation to provide better spread
of the spam.

> B) I also like the 'self-policing' idea of making posts to the list from
> non-subscribers get a subject tag of [OL] or something like that...

I take it the "[OL]" would be automatically inserted by some filter
that noticed that the sender was _not_ on the subscription list, yes?
I don't see how non-subscribers would know to put the "[OL]" there
before posting. If it's put there by you for our benefit, then I
can see the use of it - we can easily filter for it and either discard
it straight out, or shunt it to a kill buffer for inspection.


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