Toilett processing (Was: ZX-TEAM meeting and Webcam)

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Thu Mar 21 06:32:01 2002

> > > Isn't using a PDP-11 as perhipheral processor for a ZX81
> > > a bit out of scope ?

> Why? Isn't a PDP-11 adequate?

> 30 years ago, at GSFC, we used a 360 for I/O for a 7094.

Yeah, wasn't the goal to pack as much load on the Z80 ?
Furthermore, we should be serious and consider comercial
posibillities - and if we ant to sell our UDP management
system, it has to go into one of these little add on
packages to be plugged inbetween lots of other such boxes
into a ZX81. So a full figured PDP is out of scope (*).


(*) Well, on a second thought, we could fit a ZX81 to QBus
Interface into the little box, and have a cable running over
to our extended interface rack (aka PDP 11).

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