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From: James L. Rice <>
Date: Sat Mar 23 15:38:05 2002

I currently have 5 NeXT cubes, 1 NeXT Color Turbo slab, 16 Windows
machines (2 Win2k, 1 XP Pro, 2 NT 4.0, 9 Win98SE, 1 Win95, 1 WFWG 3.11),
5 Mac's (Perf 631CD, Quadra 800, PM 6100, PM7100 running MkLinux, Mac
Classic), 2 Sparc 5's, 1 Sparc IPC, 1 Sgi Indy, 1 Tandy 1000SX, 1 BeBox,
4 Linux boxes and 1 Canon object.station hooked on my home network. All
but the object.station (SCSI card problem) are up and running. I
suppose it's sinking to the lowest common denominator, but I'm using
Windows compatible networking (SMB), running Dave on the Mac's and Samba
on everything else to tie them all together. The only machine that
doesn't use TCP/IP is the Classic. It's set up on Ethertalk with a SCSI
to 10BT converter. The Localtalk printers are accessed using Services
for Macintosh on the Win2k and NT servers linked through an Asante
EtherTalk bridge. I'm playing with some NFS clients for Windows, Mac and
Be so I could use NFS on the Unix boxes and dump Samba, but Samba is
still working very well. The only flaky problam I've had with Samba has
been on the dual 133 BeBox. It's running BeOS R4.5 and Samba doesn't
seem real stable on 4.5.

The Tandy 1000 is running DOS 6.22 and the MS "Workgroup Companion for
MS-DOS" which is the networking components of WFWG 3.11 with out the
other garbage. I'm using a 8-bit 3Com NIC, which is a thinnet coax
card. The Performa 631CD is also a thinnet machine, so both of them are
linked to a Digi media converter that I picked up surplus for $1.00.

I have a couple of Epson Actionlaser 1500 printers that are on the
network using Hawking printer server dongles. The are shared to the
machines that can't print directly to an IP by sharing them from the
Win2K server.

The home network is linked to the 'net through an ISDN router and to my
office through a second ISDN router. To reach the branch offices in
North Dallas and Sherman, I just bounce through the downtown Dallas

I wish I could find a way to link the C-128D running CP/M 3.0 to the
network. I just sold my Amiga's this spring, bur I never got around to
getting a Zorro bus NIC for them.

You mean you're supposed to read the manual first?

Jeff Hellige wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone had ideas as to the best way of
> connecting many different platforms together on a LAN and allowing
> file sharing and such? My first thought was using FTP but I thought
> I'd pose the question here in case someone else had a better idea.
> Here's what I'm proposing to connect together, and the OSes
> being run, most of which fits the 10 year rule of the list, all
> connected to a Netgear 8port dual-speed hub:
> - Blue/white G3 Mac (main machine, running IPNetRouter)
> - Mac OS 9.2.2/10.1.2 with access to built-in 100baseTX
> - VirtualPC with the following OSes, with access to
> secondary PCI 10/100baseTX NIC
> - WinNT 4
> - Win98
> - Red Hat Linux 7.1
> - Netware 3.12
> - (2) NeXT boxes with built-in 10baseT
> - NeXTstep 3.3 with native Netware client and CAPer
> Appletalk client
> - Mac Color Classic with Asente PDS 10baseT NIC
> - System 7.1
> - Mac Powerbook 5300c with Focus 10baseT NIC
> - System 8.1
> - IBM PS/2 P70 with Etherlink MCA 10baseT NIC
> - OS/2 Warp Connect with native Netware client
> - Amiga 3000 with Xsurf Zorro 10baseT NIC
> - OS 3.9 and Miami TCP stack
> - DEC MicroVAX II with DELQA 10baseT NIC (NIC not currently installed)
> - VMS 4.6
> - DEC Pro380 with ethernet option installed
> - POS
> All the Mac's and the Amiga have all been set up for dial-up
> access previously as well as 'net access using a LAN gateway. The
> NeXT's and PS/2 have only been used on LAN's and the 'net using a
> gateway. The DEC machines have not been set up for any type of
> connectivity. The OSes running uder VPC all access the 'net using
> IPNetRouter as the gateway, the same as any of the other machines
> connected to the hub. VPC generally only has one non-native OS
> running at a time though it is possible to have more than one
> running. Currently only the two NIC's in the main G3 and one of the
> NeXT machines are constantly connected to the hub.
> BTW, I'm doing this just for the sake of doing real
> need other than to see where I can go with it.
> Thanks
> Jeff
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