IBM 3480 bus adaptor (escon?)

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Date: Sun Mar 24 11:35:53 2002

I need some help with this one from the 'experts'. I know that this is
the adaptor (one of two) from an IBM 3480 A22 controller that connected
the device to its host system. I *think* that it's an ESCON adaptor, but
want some verification on that. Also, does anyone have any interest in
these? If not, one might make it into my 'museum', but the fate of the
other is uncertain. If you have a desire for either or both of these,
contact me off list.

(Yeah, the 'connector' at the top of the pic is aparently the bus
terminator. And no, I don't need the screw-driver handle identified, I
know what that is ;^)


-- Pat
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