Apple's A/UX

From: David Barnes <>
Date: Sun Mar 24 12:24:03 2002

I don't know where its archived if at all, but I have original cdroms, and
installation floppies for AU/X for the WGS 95. I still run a WGS 95 on my
home network, as an appletalk server...

Chris wrote:

> Does anyone know where there are some archives of Apple's A/UX OS and
> some of its software (like AppleShare Server Pro, and Retrospect 2.0Ci).
> I just acquired an Apple Workgroup Server 95 (which is actually 9 years
> old, so its ALMOST on topic), and since it originally was designed to use
> A/UX, I figured it would be a good system to play with it on.
> I'm just not sure where to get a copy, so I figured I would start by
> asking here, since I know A/UX has been brought up before (heck, maybe I
> will get lucky, and one of you has the original software that came with
> the WGS 95, and would be willing to send me a copy).
> -chris
> <>

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