ZX-81 Question

From: Ben Franchuk <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Mon Mar 25 12:39:46 2002

Hans Franke wrote:
> Well, Sinclair sold it and called it QL.
> A 68008, running at 8 (?) MHz, (almost) Real Keyboard (at least as
> good as most PC keyboards in the $10 range), Reak Memory (128K, as
> much as the first Mac, but expandable to 640 or 900) and two tape
> drives with ~100K each.
> Furthermore: Serial Interface, Joystick Ports and a full figured
> Network. As cream ontop of the cake a complete application suite
> with Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database and Business Graphics.
> And all together at about 900 Mark (back than ~250 GBP). Lower
> than all other comparable systems (in fact even lower than the
> C64 in some shops)

First I live in CANADA so we get more US stuff than from the UK in
computers.This and that is still was a BASIC machine with no real disks.
I found out that it cost APPLE $100 ??? to make the $500 ??? floppy
system for their computer reading the history of the apple from a web

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