Turbo BASIC (was Re: QL (was: ZX-81 Question))

From: Glen Goodwin <acme_ent_at_bellsouth.net>
Date: Mon Mar 25 23:28:28 2002

> From: Christopher Smith <csmith_at_amdocs.com>

If anyone has a copy of Turbo BASIC with manual I'd like to buy one . . .

> For a while I used Turbo Basic under MS-DOS. It was an
> incredible development environment... for a BASIC ... running
> under MS-DOS... Ok, so it was "passable." Still :)

No, it was incredible. Removing the constraints of using line numbers was
a huge improvement on its own. Allowing variables local to a function or
procedure was a nice bonus as well.

> Both of the above examples are compilers, though, I think.

Turbo BASIC also has an interpretive mode.


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