6800 System - Schematic Needed

From: tim lindner <tlindner_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Tue Mar 26 00:02:16 2002

I saw this over on comp.sys.m6809. I was hopng someone here could help
this guy.

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> From: Mike <ipscone555_at_msdsite.com>
> I know this is a long shot but I have a nice 6800 based single board
> computer, with keypad and LED display. It is mounted in a 2 slot
> chassis that has a smoked glass cover and wood sidings.
> It's very nice and works well. Problem is that I don't have a
> schematic and don't know how the memory and I/O are mapped. It also
> has a couple of 16 pin devices that are not installed. I guess I can
> buz it out and figure out what is there but that is a massive amount
> of work
> The system is marked: ASCI u68, System-X.
> I have tried an internet search but can't find anything on it. I
> think it was used in a class for learning microprocessors back in late
> 70s.
> Anyone have any leads on were I might find a schematic?
> photos a: http://www.msdsite.com/comp/u68.html
> Thanks,
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