6800 System - Schematic Needed

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  FWIW I saw a bunch of the ASCI system for sale at an auction at Brevard Community College in Titusville Fla about 1 1/2 years ago. There were also several HP 5036s and I spent all of my money on them so I didn't get any of the ASCI systems. But several people were snapping them up to put them on E-bay so you may be able to find one there and that may lead you to someone that has docs for them. IIRC there were ASCI CPU boxs, some boxs with cassettte tape drives and some kind of expansion chassis for them at the auction.


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>I saw this over on comp.sys.m6809. I was hopng someone here could help
>this guy.
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>> From: Mike <ipscone555_at_msdsite.com>
>> I know this is a long shot but I have a nice 6800 based single board
>> computer, with keypad and LED display. It is mounted in a 2 slot
>> chassis that has a smoked glass cover and wood sidings.
>> It's very nice and works well. Problem is that I don't have a
>> schematic and don't know how the memory and I/O are mapped. It also
>> has a couple of 16 pin devices that are not installed. I guess I can
>> buz it out and figure out what is there but that is a massive amount
>> of work
>> The system is marked: ASCI u68, System-X.
>> I have tried an internet search but can't find anything on it. I
>> think it was used in a class for learning microprocessors back in late
>> 70s.
>> Anyone have any leads on were I might find a schematic?
>> photos a: http://www.msdsite.com/comp/u68.html
>> Thanks,
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