More VMS

From: Alan Pearson <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 04:16:33 2002

As an aside to the current VMS discussion, does anyone know
of an equivalent to the Unix "su -" command for VMS?

Basically I'd like to be able to use my "normal" AL account
for messing about with but occasionally "su" to SYSTEM to get
at a protected file or directory. All the FAQs and manual pages
I've come across so far point to SPAWNing a new process and then
changing the privileges (eg SET PROC/PRIV=SYSPRV), which defeats
the object of the exercise since the "AL" account needs system
privileges in order to do the SET PROC/PRIV in the first place :-)

At the moment I'm using an ST running UNITERM hooked up to a
3100/30's console port so I'm stuck with just the one login session
at a time - occasionally I'd like to be able to flip over to SYSTEM
without having to mess about with logging out of AL and into SYSTEM
and back :-) Any ideas?

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