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From: Huw Davies <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 07:35:18 2002

At 10:16 AM 27/03/2002 +0000, Alan Pearson wrote:
>As an aside to the current VMS discussion, does anyone know
>of an equivalent to the Unix "su -" command for VMS?

There are a number of possibilities.

1) Install DECnet (for this application you don't need a licence) and then
execute the command

         $ set host 0

You will get a Username: prompt and you can log in as SYSTEM. If you use
the command

         $ set host 0 /log=filename

your session will get logged to the file 'filename'. This is the way I've
always solved this issue.

2) There are a number of programs (GLOGIN, BECOME are just two) which allow
you to become someone else. Generally these are used from the SYSTEM
account to "login" as another user.

3) I suspect that someone will have created a SU program as well - this
isn't too hard to write (not that I'm volunteering).

Hope this helps.

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