More Museum Finds and Help with Disk Needed

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 17:02:49 2002

Well today I went down to one of the warehouses to look around for some
items I needed (didn't find them) and found the following items:
1. A box marked CP/M 2.2 for Commodore 64 in it was a manual and a large
black cartridge ( it has a Z80 microprocessor in it). I'm missing the
CP/M disk which contains both the operating system and some utility
programs. If anyone has a copy email me off list. THANKS in advance.
2. A green and off white plastic computer called a IQ 8300 with green
rubber keys. It has a POWER 3000 32K Ram black module about the size of
a Sinclair 1015 module. I have no Doc's or box for it and it's missing
the power supply as well. With have to do a google on this one, if
anyone has one or knows anything it let me know.
3. A Panasonic Personal Computer 32K memory model JR-200U. It's light
brown and silver in color with dark gray soft rubber keys and some dark
blue rubber keys also. It has a built in power supply with the cord
coming out the back. It also has the RF unit with so I will test it out
4. A Sun type 5 kb missing four key caps.
5. Two HP model 9130A floppy disk drives.
6. hp 86 with 82936A rom drawer, 82937A HP-1B interface module,82900A
CP/M system module, and a 82909A 128K memory module.
7. hp 97 calculator missing adapter and battery.

All in all I had a ball opening boxes that have been packed for almost 6
years now while I was up North.
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