More Museum Finds and Help with Disk Needed

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 20:08:06 2002

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>5. Two HP model 9130A floppy disk drives.

  Those are the disk drives for the original HP 86. The later 86B used HP-IB drives but on the 86 the drives connected directly to the main chassis.

>6. hp 86 with 82936A rom drawer, 82937A HP-1B interface module,82900A
>CP/M system module, and a 82909A 128K memory module.

   Nice setup! I THINK I know where I can lay my hands on a copy of the CPM SW for the module. I had four or five of the modules and finally gave them away after I couldn't find the SW. THEN I finally found it! I did have a manual for the CPM modules and I can probably borrow it back.

>7. hp 97 calculator missing adapter and battery.

   The adapter puts out 8 volts AC. The battery has four sub-C NiCad cells so it has 4.8 volt output. It should be easy to find an AC adapter, the adapters that are used for the rechargeable battery packs in the HP-41 and for nearly all of the HP-IL devices fits and works fine on the 97. I frequently find these types of chargers in the surplus stores. I found so many of them that I just quit them. FWIW the charger is not adaquete to run the 97 without the battery however you can it off a decent power supply connected to the battery terminals.

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