FYI: Yahoo Mail Account info Alert. (fwd)

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Mar 30 02:55:49 2002

As I understand it this isn't just people with Yahoo Mail accounts, if
you're subscribed to any mailing list hosted at Yahoo (remember they bought
out egroups), you're a target.


> I know a lot of y'all use Yahoo Mail....
>FYI to those who use Yahoo Mail.
>March 29 - Tired of spam you're getting at your free Yahoo! e-mail
>account? Get ready for more. Tucked inside a privacy policy change
>the company made this week was notice that more Yahoo! e-mail
>marketing offers were coming "even if users had formerly indicated
>they were unwanted. YAHOO! GRANTED ITSELF PERMISSION to spam by
>creating a new "marketing preferences" page that lets users
>pick "yes or no" to specific categories of marketing pitches. The
>problem is, Yahoo! set every users' option to "yes" - even if long
>ago, they indicated they never wanted any Yahoo! spam.
>Users who don't want marketing offers from Yahoo have 60
>days to do the following: Visit the user profile preferences page at
> select "Edit your
>marketing preferences" from within the Member Information section;
>and individually change selections in a series of marketing
>categories from "yes" to "no."
>In e-mail marketing lingo, the process is known as "opt-out."
>But even performing that slightly cumbersome operation is no
>guarantee that Yahoo! marketing offers won't come, since the firm
>reserves the right to add marketing categories at any time.
>"I'd suggest re-checking periodically," writes another
>mailing list poster.

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