Gernsback Publishing closing

From: Cini, Richard <>
Date: Tue Apr 1 07:51:01 2003

Hello, all:

        I just got my latest copy of Nuts & Volts last night and to my
surprise, there's a note from Larry Steckler of Gernsback, the publisher of
Radio-Electronics and Popular Electronics (merged into Poptronics). He says
in the note that Gernsback Publishing is closing after 94 years and N&V will
be fulfilling the balance of the subscriptions.

        I pass this on to the list with mixed emotions. For many years I
subscribed to both R-E and PE but once I found Nuts & Volts, I did not renew
either subscription. They strayed too far from the content I liked and N&V
had some interesting regular columns -- Amateur Robotics and BASIC Stamps --
that more closely followed my interests.

        I had the same feeling when Byte, well, bought it, in 1995 -- a
formerly great publishing that lost its way and its relevance to its core


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