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Date: Thu Apr 3 20:06:00 2003


  What type and brand of batteries were they? Sounds like good ones to avoid!


At 10:44 PM 4/3/03 +0100, you wrote:
>Keys wrote:
>> From: "Tony Duell" <>
>>>Oh yes, it _eats_ batteries. Officially you're supposed to use 4 D-size
>>>NiCds. It will run of alkaline cells, but it drains them in a few minutes
>Just a quick cautionary tale about batteries; we have a digital camera
>at the office, a cheap Logitek one. We used it all day, for five days
>and on the last day, the batteries burst inside the battery compartment.
>We suddenly had hot, caustic battery electrolyte all over the place!
>Now, it doesn't really matter with a modern, off-the-shelf gadget, but
>with an irreplaceable classic, it could be more serious.
>Do check that the batteries you use don't start to overheat!
>John Honniball
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